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Juventus still reportedly interested in Manchester United winger Nani

Alex Livesey

Every year there is a name. Let me finish that sentence: Every year there is a name that the Italian press will link to Juventus no matter what happens, no matter who's already in their place, no matter how much logic — or the complete opposite — is actually behind it.

Manchester United winger Nani is one of those names that the Italian press continues to link to Juventus over and over and over again. Like it or not, he's becoming one of the press' go-to names when it comes to reported transfer targets.

Let's see what Gianluca Di Marzio has to say about it...

This is what I found out after a Sunday spent making phone calls and sending text messages: I confirm the interest, maybe soon they will make the attempt, but it's not the right time. But Juve needs to be quick. Before Van Gaal (if his hiring is confirmed) can block the deal, since Nani is an ideal winger for his style. Before Atletico Madrid ( who made an inquiry a few days ago, they like the player), Galatasaray or Tottenham focus on the next phase, the one in which the details are settled.

So, if you are to believe the word of Di Marzio, the interest is there. Beppe Marotta has been mentioning in the last 24 to 48 hours that there will be a signing from a foreign league — La Liga, the English Premier League or Ligue 1 — made. If we're talking players from different leagues, I would have preferred Leo Messi, but that's just being greedy on my part.

Tuttosport, the Italian paper that shouldn't be taken serious when any kind of transfer speculation takes place, threw out that Juve have already agreed to a deal with the Portuguese winger. The price? Around €5 million. The salary? Around €4 million.

Ah, Tuttosport. You're fun.

There's nothing telling us it's not something other than Tuttosport being Tuttosport. For all the hubbub made about Nani "agreeing to a deal," they were the only ones to really go out there and say that it's happening. Marotta's words will almost certainly add fuel to that fire, and that's the only natural thing to happen.

Luckily for us, Nani can't be the only play Juventus are interested in signing in the countries known as Spain, England and/or France, so we've got that going for us. Which is, you know, nice.