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VOTD: Domenico Berardi scores first-half hat trick against Fiorentina

Here is your somewhat regular reminder that Domenico Berardi is still 19 years old and is quite good at game.

Just to put that in a bit of context: Here in the States, Berardi would probably be getting ready to finish his freshman year of college. Instead, he's doing all kinds of cool things against some of the best teams in Italy. And in the process, making a huge splash that makes us even that much more optimistic about what his future might be like.

And here's another somewhat regular reminder for everybody to smile about: Juventus own half of Berardi's contract. That's pretty good news.

It took Berardi all of 42 minutes to net a hat trick in the first half of Sassuolo's wild 4-3 win over Fiorentina in Florence on Tuesday. First from the spot, then a pair from open play. As we've seen this season, when the kid scores goals, he scores them in bunches — and this proved to be the case once again for the talented Italian teenager.

Oh, and just for good measure, he assisted on Sassuolo's fourth goal. Not a bad day at the office if you ask me.

That makes 16 goals in 27 appearances (24 starts) for the 19-year-old Berardi. I'd say that's a pretty good showing for your first year in Serie A. Let the discussions of whether he's ready for the big stage at Juve or needs another year out on loan at a small-ish club begin — again.