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Roma loses big to Catania, handing Juventus their third straight Scudetto

Giuseppe Bellini

This isn't exactly how I pictured it, but okay.

Here's the paragraph of writing I had put together from my yet-to-be-published Juventus-Atalanta match preview.

For as frustrating and anger-filled as the middle of this past week was, there's a reason to celebrate now. And that reason is another Scudetto is on the horizon. And it's not like I'm holding out hope of Catania suddenly becoming a decent squad and helping Juventus out for once this season today against Roma, so Juve will almost certainly have to go out and win this thing on their own.

Ha. What a dope. Looks like I've got some editing to do.

Suddenly you wake up from 'Sleeping In Sunday' because Juventus aren't playing and realize the inevitable actually happened — Catania beat Roma. By a lot. So I guess I have this to say: Thank you, Catania, for helping us celebrate a little bit earlier than some of us around here.

So instead of walking onto the Juventus Stadium field tomorrow night with the chance do their thing and celebrating after the game, they'll step out of the tunnel to a complete celebration that has lasted for hours and hours.

I mean, it could be worse, right?

They partied regardless of it all. Oh they partied.

I love these guys.

And probably the most important development of Sunday afternoon's calcio happenings: We can now officially say that Simone Padoin has won as Scudetti as Roma have in their entire history. Whoda thunk it.