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Open UEFA Champions League Final Game Thread


About €40 million of Juventus' money in one picture. Good times, good times.
About €40 million of Juventus' money in one picture. Good times, good times.
Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Until there's kickoff in Brazil next month, this is the last official game that counts for something we'll be able to watch on the television. "Get it while it's hot!" somebody is probably screaming right now in attempts to imitate a popcorn vendor.

Last year we had Germany vs. Germany in the Champions League Final. This year we have Spain vs. Spain in the Champions League. And not just Spain vs. Spain, it's Madrid vs. Madrid. It's one end of the city against the other. It's the glitz and glam of Real Madrid against the pure underdog status of Atletico Madrid.

Oh, what drama there will be.

There are, of course, Juventus connections as well. There's Carlo Ancelotti, who used to manage in Turin a little less than two decades (!!!) ago. There's also the players who used to sport a Juve jersey — Tiago and Diego — playing for Diego Simeone and Atletico.

Just because, here's Diego's goal against Barcelona six weeks ago against Barcelona. Don't feel guilty for watching a couple of times.


Hey, if he's done it once against Spanish opposition in the Champions League this year...

Nah, I won't go there. (Even though I kinda already did.)

Watch, talk, count how many fouls get called on Pepe before he actually gets carded for some of his stupid behavior on the field. Either way, I feel safe in saying Fernando Llorente will be watching this game. He's obviously got a couple friends taking part, don't you think? In short, #vamos.