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Domenico Berardi says he's staying at Sassuolo for another season

Claudio Villa

Domenico Berardi was one of the must-watch youngsters coming into the 2013-14 campaign simply because of the potential he brought to the table. His season didn't do anything to diminish that notion. That's just what happens when you score 16 goals as a 19-year-old in Italy's top flight (regardless of Serie A's current standing).

Let me repeat that: Berardi is 19 years old, and he scored 16 goals this past season.

That brought along the obvious question: Where will Domenico Berardi be playing ball next season? Could he possibly stay with Sassuolo another season because they were able to not get relegated back to Serie A and will therefore be remaining in Italy's top flight? Or could Juventus, the club that co-owns him with Sassuolo, make a rather aggressive and ballsy move to give Berardi the chance to prove himself on the biggest of stages in Turin?

According to Berardi himself, it seems as though he'll be wearing green and black stripes next season, not black and white ones. Let the freak out commence.

"I will stay at Sassuolo for another year," declared Domenico Berardi, who is co-owned by Juventus.


"Relax, I will stay at Sassuolo for another year," he declared on stage tonight in the end of season club dinner.

(Source: Football Italia)

Thanks for taking all the suspense out of things, kid.

The good thing about Domenico Berardi staying at Sassuolo for another season? He will get to play as much as humanly possible. That is, of course, he is able to cut down on the 10 yellow cards he picked up this past season and the subsequential suspensions that come along with it. Let's not forget that he didn't play in either game against Juventus this season because he was suspended both times.

The bad part about Domenico Berardi staying at Sassuolo for another season? Easily one of the best young prospects Serie A has right now won't be playing at Juventus next year. He won't be making the step up that a good number of folks think he's ready for. And, maybe most importantly, he won't be added to a team that could be shifting to a formation that Berardi is really made for.

Six in one, half-dozen in the other?

I don't know. Berardi is in such a unique situation right now. He's clearly good enough to play at Juventus, but because he's still so young and still developing, being at Sassuolo and starting every game possible won't hurt him at all. Another year like he just had and all the people who are still thinking he may be close, but not truly ready for the step up to Juve, will be convinced. So in that sense, maybe it's a good thing he's going to be with them for one more year. At least we know he's going to be getting a ton of playing time. And there's nothing wrong with that.

You don't mess with a talent like Berardi. Regardless of where he is going to be playing, it's one thing that's for certain.