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Could Juventus be rebooting their interest in Didier Drogba?

Maybe, so let's investigate.

Clive Rose

It seems like we've been here before. Maybe that's because we have.

Didier Drogba being linked with a move to Juventus isn't just yesterday's news, it's 18-months-ago's news. But, according to Wednesday's edition of L'Equipe in France, a Drogba move to Juventus only seems like the inevitable — which, I guess, wouldn't be the first time we've heard that, either.

But this is what Gianluca Di Marzio has to say on the matter:

But it will be up to Conte to approve the deal. It appears as if Juve controls the destiny of the 36 year old striker who played last season at Galatasaray, but before closing the deal the bianconeri want to understand if it's deal aminable to their coach. This could finally be the time Juve lands Drogba, as long as Conte allows it...

Drogba's arrival is all up to Conte, you say? Well, I guess now that he's confirmed as next season's manager he's bound to make a couple of roster decisions, right? Makes sense to me.

This rumored Drogba move could mean a couple things.

1. Drogba is basically set to move to Juve and, like Di Marzio says, the only thing needed is Conte's stamp of approval.

2. Juventus see Drogba as a potential striker option to sign this summer, but the report from L'Equpe is obviously a little — or a lotta — premature.

Let's say it is the first one where Drobga is close to making a move to Turin in the not-so-distant future. Good move? It depends on what Conte envisions his role being. If it's as a backup to Fernando Llorente, then that's a pretty solid fallback option to have. Few players on the Juventus roster can rival the kind of Champions League experience that Drogba has — a solid reason why the club could be pursuing him to begin with.

But if it's option No. 2, where Drogba isn't the only player in the mix to be a possible vice-Llorente next season, then the French media's jumping the gun. Hey, it's transfer season, so that shouldn't be all that surprising. I mean, Tuttosport aren't the only folks who have to sell some papers before the World Cup starts next month.

I mean, even though it's almost 18 months after the initial post, the pro-con game when it comes to signing Drogba could still be used today. With a few updated numbers, of course.