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The first round of reported Juventus summer transfer targets won't surprise you

Juan Manuel Serrano Arce

With Antonio Conte's status for next season now resolved, it's time to focus on building the squad that Conte will be managing a few months from now. At least, that's how the Italian press looks at it.

Conte will reportedly meet with the Juventus management — namely Beppe Marotta and Fabio Paratici — to talk about the direction they want to go in during the summer transfer window. It's easy to figure out that the goal is to make the club better because that's what Captain Obvious would say. But who, exactly, might Juve be going after?

The first list of targets, according to Gianluca Di Marzio:

Their initial focus is on the attack and their current target is Morata. The bianconeri are open to a loan deal which is a formula that Real Madrid would do. The two clubs have a "Vecchie Glorie" (former stars) game scheduled for June 2nd, that is when they could discuss the deal further. Tomorrow afternoon Juve's sporting director Marotta will meet with Udinese, there are numerous players to discuss. One of which is Pereyra, but also Candreva (whom Udinese co owns with Lazio), the bianconeri will also ask for some information on Cuadrado, who is co owned with Fiorentina.

Cuadrado? Nothing new about him being associated with a potential transfer to Juventus.

Candreva? Nothing new there, either.

Morata? Yeah, this isn't the first time he's been linked with a move from Madrid to Turin.

Basically the names we've heard in transfer windows before are the names we're hearing again now. Case of 'rinse and repeat'? Who knows. It wouldn't be the first — or last — time it's going to happen when it comes to who Juve may or may not being singing this summer.

But if there's one development out of who Juve could possibly be targeting this summer is that they all have one common attribute — they have the ability to play wide on the wing. And if you connect the dots, that means they're looking to have somebody capable of playing wide in a 4-3-3 formation. Maybe not for Conte to use it as the full-time formation, but to have the option to use it whenever he so pleases.

Throw in somebody like Alexis Sánchez, who Marotta has already commented on in recent interviews, and it seems as though Juve's transfer market could be centered around adding wide players to add to the attack.

Hey, could be worse. We could be hearing rumors of players signing with Juventus who make absolutely no sense whatsoever. Then again, it's just the third week of May. There's still plenty of time for the Italian press to work their "wonders." Hooray, hooray?