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Juventus confirm Antonio Conte will be their manager next season

Valerio Pennicino

One tweet just went a long way.

And in English...

And in Spanish...

And now we can exhale.

All the talk of how things were going to go between Antonio Conte and the Juventus board on Monday was dominating the interwebs in the early stages of the morning. Maybe he's got an offer from somewhere else. Maybe his relationship with Andrea Agnelli has turned to absolute crap and there's no way to fix it going forward. Maybe Conte is just going to resign and go sit on a beach and drink beverages out of pineapples for the next 12 months because he is so tired after a incredibly long and stressful season.

Turns out, everything is good to go. Conte isn't going anywhere.

Some other details, courtesy of Gianluca Di Marzio:

While there are no longer doubts about next season, Conte and Juve didn't discuss an extension. There will be time for that in the coming weeks. But the notion of an extension can't be excluded. The vibe at the meeting was serene, Conte showed up to the summit recharged after the tiring season. While they didn't go over the future plans in detail, they certainly reached a compromise that satisfied everyone. Conte decided to stay without pursuing an extension. Now that the coaching situation is settled, Juve can start focusing on the transfer period with the certainty of having Conte on the bench.

Now we can get back to what matters most after Conte — the team on the field. No more talk about will he stay next season or won't he. We all know where Conte will be. And that's on the Juventus sideline. Right where he belongs.

Exhale, folks. No more nonsense going on. Well, Conte-related nonsense, that is.