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Carlos Tévez voted Juventus' Player of the Season

Valerio Pennicino

Carlos Tévez taking the No. 10 jersey at Juventus was greeted with mixed emotions. It's a jersey that is held in the highest esteem. It has been worn by some of the greatest players the club and footballing world has ever seen.

Lofty standards would probably be an understatement.

But based on the final outcome, I'd say he lived up to the billing of a No. 10.

And because of it, Tévez has been recognized for his outstanding first season in a Juventus uniform, being voted as the club's Player of the Season by Juventus Members. A surprise? Oh hello no. Other than struggling to find the net in Europe, Tévez has been a simply fantastic form for nearly the entire season. Here's the official announcement from the Juventus website:

Carlos Tevez has been elected by Members as this season's MVP. There were hundreds of votes cast for the Apache, who won over Bianconeri fans from the very start with his goals and sublime play.

Even in his first appearance in a Juventus shirt back in August, Carlos lived up to expectations with his strong performance in the Italian Super Cup against Lazio in Rome.

He took off like a rocket at the beginning of the season and hasn't slowed down since: 21 goals in all (and he's not finished yet), with one in the Super Cup and one in the Europa League. The Argentine striker has played for 3,619 minutes over 47 appearances, providing eight assists.

Yes. There's been a whole lot to like about what Tévez has done this season — especially with his 19 goals in Serie A, the most since the days of Del Piero and Trezeguet. His partnership with Fernando Llorente has not only been one of the best in Italy, but also one of the most productive in all of Europe. Entering the final week of the season, the Beauty and the Best pairing has found the back of the net 34 times.

Not too shabby, eh?

That picture is pretty. And if you visit Tévez's WhoScored player page, the numbers are even prettier. There's been assists, ackles, interceptions, plenty of shots on goals and everything in between. Tévez has truly been the kind of striker Juve had been searching for since Antonio Conte took over as manager.

Let's just hope that next season is just as good. Oh, and that there's a couple goals in the Champions League, too. Just a suggestion, Carlitos. Though you probably know that by now.