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Juventus 1 - Roma 0: Initial reaction and random observations

Paolo Bruno

Dan Osvaldo's 75th-minute substitution was greeted by a ton of jeers and boos as he stepped onto the field for the first time against his former team. With Osvaldo touching the ball only 10 times in his 20 minutes on the field, it's not like the Roma tifo had a lot of chances to continue their verbal pleasantries with Jack Sparrow's doppelganger.

But his final touch of the game, oh man.

And the boos — or dead shock of the moment — was the most gratifying of them all.

Osvaldo's last-second strike was the difference in Juventus' 1-0 win over Roma on Sunday evening at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome. Not a bad time for your first league goal of the season. It's one thing for Osvaldo to come on against the team he was playing with this team last season, but to kill them off at the death with the game-winning goal? That's pretty troll worthy — both from Antonio Conte and the player hismelf.

And you thought Simone Padoin scoring the game-winning goal last week was the ultimate troll job.

Juventus' win meant exactly the tweet says above — they've set a new Serie A single-season record for points. I will just leave it at this: We can say how the league is down and blah blah blah, but any time you can dethrone a record that was last held by Inter Milan, you've done good work eliminating evil from this world we live in.

And with the chance for triple digits next weekend in the season finale at Juventus Stadium, I have a feeling there's one more thing that want to try and achieve this season.

Oh, and they're going to party some more. Because there is a certain trophy for Gigi Buffon to lift over his head again. That should be fun to watch, too, just in case you were wondering.

Random thoughts and observations

  • Marco Storari is my man of the match against Roma. I won't go on and on before declaring it. Juventus' backup keeper was simply awesome on Sunday. WhoScored has him making seven saves, and that sounds about right to me. It seemed as though about half of those were pretty high-quality saves, too.

    It feels like I've seen Storari going beast mode against Roma before...

    Ah, that's right. Not a bad guy to have for a backup goalkeeper. What a luxury to have him around.

  • Juventus are on a two-game winning streak with Simone Padoin in the starting lineup. I'm not sayin', but I'm just sayin', people.


  • The talk now will be whether Juventus should keep Osvaldo. I mean, what else do you expect the Italian press to do, talk about Antonio Conte leaving? Oh, they're already doing that.

    But there will probably be some Osvaldo-related rumors floated out there in the next few days. There's no way in hell Juventus should pay to initial fee €19 million that came with Osvaldo when he arrived on loan. Say Beppe Marotta is able to cut a good number of millions off of that total, would you go for it? Feel free to go ahead and discuss.

  • I love Fernando Llorente, I really do. But he really should have scored one of those chances in the first half, shouldn't he? At least the man who replaced him was able to snatch the goal and the three points.

  • Who the hell is Lukasz Skorupski and why was he trying to out-do Marco Storari between the sticks? How rude.

  • Whoever is Radja Nainggolan's barber, they should be looking for a new job soon. Unless that "haircut" was Radja's choice, of course. Either way, that was ...interesting.

  • trololololololol