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Community Groupthink: Seven summer questions for Juventus

Claudio Villa

With the Scudetto in Juve's hands there is little left to play. Sure, we can reach (or break) 100 points in a season or win all games at home, but those are secondary objectives.  All the talk is now changing from when will Juventus win the scudetto? To what should Juventus do over the summer?

Here are seven major questions about Juve's future this summer:

1) Will Antonio Conte be in charge of the Bianconeri when the next Serie A season begins?

2) Will Paul Pogba continue to grow at Juve for one more year?

3) Will Beppe Marotta spend more than €20 million (cash) on a single player? (I mean cash, no player exchange here)

4) Will any of our young talents (Ciro Immobile, Manolo Gabbiadini, etc.) be called back to Juventus? If so, who?

5) Will Juve bring in a new young keeper to learn from Gigi Buffon?  (Marco Storari's contract expires this June 30th, by the way.)

6) Who will be offloaded this summer?

7) Will Andrea Pirlo shave his beard before the season begins?

Tell us what your answers in the comments section below.