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Midfielder Giacomo Bonaventura 'the most likely to leave' Atalanta this summer

A suggestion for the Juventus management: Sign this guy.

Claudio Villa

Atalanta midfielder Giacomo Bonaventura has been one of those names who has been long associated with a move to a bigger club. One of those bigger clubs who have rumored to be interested in the young midfielder's services over the past couple of transfer windows just happen to be Juventus, a club we know a few things about.

Hey, funny how those things seem to work out. It just so happens that Atalanta manager Stefano Colantuono had a few things to say about his team's talented young players, including the 24-year-old Bonaventura.

"Bonaventura and our other jewels? Some of our ‘jewels' will leave, as is customary for Atalanta," Colantuono began this week to Tuttomercatoweb.

"It is physiological for our type of club. We have several in the squad who have been pushing and perhaps someone will leave.

"Bonaventura is the most likely to leave. He has grown a lot and is ready for the jump to a great club."

(Source: Football Italia)

"The most likely to leave," you say, Stefano? Well, if they weren't aware of Bonaventura's situation before, Beppe Marotta and Fabio Paratici certainly are now. Maybe they've already dialed down to Bergamo and asked just how much they might have to fork over to ensure Bonaventura is in black and white next season.

I know one thing — it' s something that will be more than welcomed by this guy. He's the right kind of player to add to this Juventus squad. A player from Atalanta that is a little bit different — in a good way — than the last few players Marotta has brought in from the Bergamo side.

Time to use those prior transfer dealings with Atalanta to your advantage, fellas. Seems as though another player who has donned the Atalanta colors — and one who just might be a little better than Simone Padoin and Federico Peluso — will be available sooner rather than later. Maybe they can send one of them back to Bergamo. That'd be cool, eh?