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Juventus midfielder Arturo Vidal says he's experiencing knee pain

Uh oh.

Claudio Villa

If I had the chance to pick one player on the Juventus roster who would to try and play through pain no matter what was causing it and who the opponent was, I'm pretty sure the answer would come in swift fashion. The name would also be pretty easy to figure out: Midfielder extraordinaire Arturo Vidal.

That's not exactly a hunch I have in the back of my head. Take, for instance, Juventus' visit to Stamford Bridge in the Champions League last season when Vidal scored Juventus' first goal of the game on basically one leg. His celebration included his trademark two-handed heart above his head, but also showed one hell of a limp. He was hurting — a lot. But he was also playing his tail off like he usually does.

Well, there's a current injury situation that Vidal is dealing with. And on Friday, he spent a good amount of time talking about it and his status for Monday night's visit to the Stadio Friuli against Udinese.

"My knee really is hurting me," Vidal said to Radio Cooperativa. "I can't really strike the ball.

"I've had 10 days to rest but the pain hasn't gone. It's still there but we'll see how things develop.

"It all started with the match against Fiorentina, I twisted it badly. I'm in a lot of pain and it's not allowing me to play well.

"I've had treatment for it but the problem is still there. Against Lyon I didn't go off due to tiredness.

"We will see whether I can play on Monday, we're working towards it.

"My intention is to try and see how it goes. We hope we can win there so we can secure the title as quickly as possible."

(Source: Football Italia)

The good thing about the way Juventus' schedule is right now is that Vidal doesn't have to play against Udinese on Monday night. If Vidal and Antonio Conte come to the conclusion that the Chilean midfielder shouldn't play and get an extended rest just like the one he is coming off of, then so be it.

When it comes to injuries, you don't mess around or even think about risking things with the situation find themselves in — a comfortable lead atop Serie A and a European semifinal in the not-so-distant future. And when it comes to players like Vidal battling injuries, you emphasize that fact even more.

Please be okay, Arturo. We need you to be okay for a couple more weeks.