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Paul Pogba exit rumors are still plentiful, still pretty annoying

This is the face of a guy who is clearly looking to move away from a club that adores him.
This is the face of a guy who is clearly looking to move away from a club that adores him.
Valerio Pennicino

It seems as though we've been down this road before.

Despite Arturo Vidal signing a contract renewal at the beginning of December, the transfer rumors still remained. No matter what Vidal did, said, or got tattooed on his arms, the transfer buzz swarmed around the highly-sought-after Chilean dynamo and his fancy mohawk. They were there, with every day bringing something new and, well, confusing.

Let's just say it's basically the same for another one of Juventus' talented midfielders, Paul Pogba. And then some.

While he hasn't signed a fancy new contract just yet, rumors regarding Pogba wearing a jersey that doesn't have black and white stripes have been filling up sports pages and transfer gossip columns around Europe for weeks on end.

Plenty of people want their favorite club to spend millions upon millions so that Pogba is on their team. But there's obviously only a handful of clubs in Europe that could even afford such a bonafide baller like the soon-to-be 21-year-old Frenchman. The actual number of teams that are even willing to pay such a huge amount of money like Pogba will probably command on the market? Even smaller.

Yet the headlines are something along the lines of "(Insert team here) in for mega big for Juventus' Paul Pogba" or "(Insert team here) send scouts to Italy to look at Juve's Pogba." It's all the same. Every week, more chatter arrives.

This has gotta be just a bunch of crazy talk, right? Don't tell that to the papers, guys. Maybe they haven't heard yet.

It's just silly. All of it. It makes you want to just act a fool or something.


Here's a guy who clearly isn't enjoying the club he's currently playing for.

Even when Pogba puts his name on the new contract that the Juventus management has been reportedly preparing for him, the rumors will be there. And those rumors, regardless of how incredibly massive the transfer fee would be, will make you want to throw things at the wall. That's pretty understandable. Pogba isn't a future Juventus star. He is a Juventus star — right now. And soon enough, he will be paid like one because of what he's done his first two seasons at Juventus.

Yet the headlines will be there. The reports of Paris Saint-Germain or Real Madrid or somebody else coming to Beppe Marotta's doorstep with a suitcase full of bookoo bucks or a blank check will still be there. And you know what? That's just the world we live in right now. It's a game that is driven by big-money teams who make big-money transfers. That means whenever a big-time player does something special like Pogba has, the big clubs will be swirling above like a bunch of hawks in search of said player's signature.

Case in point: How many times did we see in the four or six weeks after Vidal signed his new contract that Man United were coming with a huge offer for him in the January window? Rumors are rumors. And while they're there to tease us, they're also here to annoying the living snot out of us, too.

We can choose to believe the absolutely nuts €70 million price tag attached to Pogba that's been thrown out there in recent weeks. Or, we could just read what Juventus President Andrea Agnelli had to say about Pogba's future with the club during a public appearance at a charity event in France on Thursday.

"I don't see the reason why we should deprive ourselves of Pogba: he is our growth. Every season we try to make Juve stronger, and Pogba stays with us.

"Just two years ago nobody knew Paul Pogba, and our directors Beppe Marotta and Fabio Paratici were good to find him, now Juventus want to find another Paul Pogba."

(Source: Football Italia)

And hopefully keep the one they have now. Why? Because Paul Pogba is just an awesome player, that's why.

Just a heads up, though: If you enjoy Pogba transfer rumors, there's a Google news search with your (and Paul's) name on it. Don't get lost in all the links.