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Beppe Marotta says Antonio Conte's contract renewal talks will come in due time

Valerio Pennicino

The constant transfer scuttlebutt has been replaced by talk of contract extensions. I guess that can be looked as a good thing for the simple reason of instead of talking to death about players who may never play in bianconero, we get to hear about people staying in Turin for an even longer period of time.

Arturo Vidal got his contract extension in early December. There has been plenty of talk about where negotiations stand in regards to Andrea Pirlo's status. Same goes for another midfielder, one Paul Pogba. There have been other names pop up, too — Andrea Barzagli, Claudio Marchisio amongst others.

Well, there's one more name that has dominated the landscape of contract renewal rumors — the man who directs the whole ship. Yeah, a certain manager by the name of Antonio Conte. And luckily for us, Juventus director general Beppe Marotta had a few things to say about the subject in an interview with Sky Sport Italia.

"There are no problems or distances between us,. We have set aside the discussion about the future and will discuss it further on, aware that we have a great Coach on our hands. The relationship between Conte, the club, the President Agnelli and the leadership is excellent. At this time we are all focused on what would be an historic victory, which would be a third successive Scudetto."

(Source: Football Italia)

Translation: Conte will have plenty of time to negotiate and subsequently get his brand spankin' new contract, but we all just have to be patient.

And it's a legitimate reason. Marotta wants the present objectives to be fulfilled — hi there, Scudetto — before they resolve the non-issue of Conte getting a raise and a few more years tacked onto his current contract which expires in 2015. Juventus are happy with Conte and the job he's doing (why wouldn't they?), and Conte is happy with Juventus. There's no reason to think something won't get done. It's just a matter of when Conte agrees to terms and signs on the dotted line.