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Poetry in motion: This season's edition of Andrea Pirlo free kicks to date

Here's some exclusive information for the masses: Andrea Pirlo is really, really good at taking free kicks.

Okay, so maybe not so exclusive these days. But Sunday night's 1-0 win over Genoa pretty much confirmed what anybody familiar with the best beard in Turin already knows — Pirlo can strike the ball from the spot just as well as anybody in the game today.

It doesn't matter if it's the 19th minute or the 89th minute like on Sunday. When Pirlo steps up to a free kick just outside the penalty area, there's a nice little chance that Juve's maestro is going to be displaying his latest and greatest work of art.

I mean, they call it "Zona Pirlo" for a reason, you guys. Five-man walls don't scare the man. (Or his beard.)

Four goals this season, all free kicks, all beautiful.

All there is left to say is this: Watch the video. Over and over again. You won't be the only one.