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Juventus midfielder Claudio Marchisio says he's not seriously injured after thigh strain scare

Valerio Pennicino

Juventus had already lost their 1-0 lead to Fiorentina and the minutes were ticking down to a full 90 minutes. Then, just outside of the 18-yard box, Claudio Marchisio grabbed his hamstring. That sound you heard wasn't just the grumpy Juventus fans in the stadium voicing their opinion. No, no. It was that "Oh, no..." moment as Marchisio tried to fend off the pain moments after something didn't feel right in his right leg.

Well, I guess after two days of waiting to see and reading a bunch of rumors as to what is going on with Marchisio's health status, we didn't have to look very far for the official word.

From the man's own Facebook page, he breaks his own medical news, I guess. Marchisio says the following:

Per fortuna l'ecografia è negativa,niente lesioni.

Ora qualche giorno per recuperare,poi si torna in squadra!

An English translation, please?

Luckily the ultrasound is negative, no injuries.

Now a few days to recover, then it's back on the team!


No, seriously. You can relax now. It's going to be okay.

I'm not normally one to speculate around these parts, but "a few days to revoer" should put Marchisio in line to be available for Juventus' trip to Florence for Leg 2 of their Round of 16 tie against Fiorentina. Based on how he's been playing the past few weeks, that's probably a pretty good development. As Marchisio has gotten back into form, he's been seeing more of the field — which makes sense. And since he's developed into a sound replacement for Andrea Pirlo whenever The Beard needs a break.

Either way, no matter what position in Juventus' midfield he will be playing in the weeks to come, Marchisio's just a few days away from being health again. So we've got that going for us, which is nice.