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Juventus vs. Fiorentina: You choose the starting lineup for Antonio Conte

Hey, maybe he'll listen to us this time!

Paolo Bruno

Some kind of squad rotation in the Europa League hasn't been as vast and revolutionary-like when compared to Juventus taking part in the Coppa Italia, but it's been there. It's pretty much accepted and nobody has, as of right now, opposed to Antonio Conte using a good amount of his squad's depth when it comes to the current European front Juventus is taking part in.

So who does Mister Conte go with? Or, better yet, who do you think Mister Conte should go with?

Here are you choices. The 20 players called up by Conte is as follows:

1 Buffon
3 Chiellini
4 Caceres
5 Ogbonna
6 Pogba
8 Marchisio
12 Giovinco
13 Peluso
14 Llorente
15 Barzagli
18 Osvaldo
19 Bonucci
20 Padoin
21 Pirlo
22 Asamoah
23 Vidal
26 Lichtsteiner
30 Storari
33 Isla
34 Rubinho

The obvious missing piece is that there's no "10 Tevez" on the call-up list. That means with the injured Mirko Vucinic still being out of action, Tevez not included in the 20-player list of fellas called up and Fabio Quagliarella not even on the Europa League squad list, Juventus' options against Fiorentina later today are slimmer than normal — Fernando Llorente, Dani Osvaldo and Sebastian Giovinco.

I think they'll be able to survive. If they don't, then we can all argue about Simone Padoin not getting any time as a striker in the post-game thread.

So put on your favorite Conte trucker hat, maybe even a nice suit and tie and pick which 11 players you think should start against Fiorentina tonight at Juventus Stadium. But just keep in mind that if you say Padoin should be Juve's starting regista, you will be asked to go home because you're probably drunk.