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Juventus submit Europa League team list; Daniel Osvaldo in, Fabio Quagliarella out of 23-man squad

Claudio Villa

While Juventus' focus is solely on the current Serie A campaign at the moment, there's news regarding the other competition they will be taking part in a couple of weeks from now.

That would be the UEFA Europa League, which Juventus were dropped into when Galatasaray won in Istanbul on the final day of the Champions League's group stages. I'll leave it at that. No need to open up old wounds.

From Juventus' official website, we have been given a list of the 23 players who are available for selection come Feb. 20 and beyond.

Juventus Football Club has submitted to UEFA a 23-man squad to take part in the upcoming Europa League campaign.

The full list is as follows:

1) Asamoah
2) Barzagli
3) Bonucci
4) Buffon
5) Caceres
6) Chiellini
7) Giovinco
8) Isla
9) Lichtsteiner
10) Llorente
11) Marchisio
12) Ogbonna
13) Osvaldo
14) Padoin
15) Peluso
16) Pepe
17) Pirlo
18) Pogba
19) Rubinho
20) Storari
21) Tevez
22) Vidal
23) Vucinic

There aren't really any surprises as to who is included. Everybody you expect to be there isn't there. But there's one name that's missing from the 23-man squad that will be playing in the Europa League this season: Fabio Quagliarella.

And Quagliarella's agent, Beppe Bozzo, made sure everybody knows that his client isn't very happy about it.

"How did Fabio take it? Not very well. He's quietly angry because he deserves more respect after everything's he's done for Juventus. He's always been silent and will do so again without controversy. That's the sort of lad he is."

Source: Football Italia

I guess if we didn't think we had enough reasons to think that Quagliarella is likely on his way out come the summer transfer window, we can add this to the list. It's easy to understand why Quagliarella is so upset — he was great in the Champions League the past two years, scoring huge goal after huge goal both as a starter and as a player coming off the bench.

But if that's the way Antonio Conte wants it, then that's the way it's going to be. And who am I to disagree with how Conte has done things the past couple of years? Discuss.