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Alessandro Del Piero to play for A-League All-Stars against Juventus in August friendly

Daniel Kalisz

Here's a sentence I never thought I would ever write unless I took up a career in putting together sick horror moves: Alessandro Del Piero will play against Juventus.

Now that we've got that out of the way, this is what we're here to read about. Or, in my case, here to write about.

Juventus will be making a trip down under this August. Make your plans now, Juventini, because there's a special twist to this preseason friendly — a certain Del Piero guy will line up against the team where he spent two decades. Come Aug. 10 at ANZ Stadium, Del Piero will be playing against many of his former teammates and the club where he is so beloved for the first time ever.

You hear that? EVER.

As odd as it will be to see Del Piero playing against Juventus rather than the other way around, it's a pretty interesting. I mean, it is Alessandro Del Piero and it is Juventus on the same field. And while we can't have those two things together wearing the same uniform anymore, it's the next best thing.

Football Federation Australia CEO David Gallo had this to say about the August friendly:

"To have a club of the calibre of Juventus FC come to Sydney is a massive coup for football in Australia.

"To put it into perspective, it's very possible that of the 24 players in the Juventus FC first team squad, 16 players could be at the 2014 FIFA World Cup representing eight different nations.

"This match will be a fantastic opportunity for fans to see the best of the Hyundai A-League line-up against some of the world's best international footballers in our own backyard."

(Source: Sydney Morning Herald)

What, is he not excited to see Simone Padoin and Federico Peluso, too? I kid, I kid.