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VOTD: Daniel Osvaldo's first interview as a player at Juventus

Daniel Osvaldo showed up in Turin for his medical sporting a pretty impressive bowler hat and glasses on that made him look like a guy who might be mistaken for somebody in a Beatles tribute band. It was an impressive look regardless of how you feel about the only first-team player Juventus brought in this January.

The above video is Osvaldo's first interview after he secured his loan move from the two-time defending Serie A champions. You probably figured that out by reading the title and clicking on the link, thus making the last sentence a complete waste of all our time.

But I digress.

Osvaldo is a Juventus player now. At least that's what the internet is telling me, so I'm going with it. There's also photographic proof of Dani and his fancy hipster hat arriving for his medical in Turin on Firday, which can provide helpful. So yeah, Osvaldo, still awaiting what squad number he will wear, is bianconero until the end of the season.

The reason why we are watching said video is to see what the 28-year-old Osvaldo actually has to say immediately following his transfer to Juventus. First observation: The guy seems genuinely happy he's here. I'm just going to sit here and wonder whether the interviewer purposely left out the question about Osvaldo spending his free time in his new apartment sipping on fancy coffee and listening to Mumford & Sons on vinyl. I'll let it slide...this time.

It was pleasing when I first heard of Juventus' interest in me. When everything was completed last night, I sat down and couldn't believe it.

When I initially left, I was happy to embark on a new and exciting experience in England. But in the end, (football in Italy) became something I missed.

In the year of the World Cup, I'm joining the greatest club in Italy and one of the finest in Europe. I don't think such things happen often in life. I want to enjoy this experience, do my best to be involved in the World Cup and, God willing, stay here for many years.

And when your response about facing an Antonio Conte-led Juventus team is "Devastating!" without much hesitation whatsoever, then you're pretty okay in my book. Now there's the whole thing about going out and playing well. I wouldn't mind that even though he's got one hell of a hefty price tag attached to his hip.