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Open UEFA Champions League Round of 16 Draw Thread


Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

Here we are, patiently awaiting who Juventus' next European will be. It's a long, drawn-out process mainly because that's the way UEFA wants it. There will be video presentations and montages that will go on for what seem like hours. The whole thing will be drawn out for longer than any of us want it to.

But main reason why we're all watching this event is one reason.

Who will be playing who? And, more important for us here at BWRAO, who will Juventus be playing in the Round of 16?

Just as a refresher course, here are the seven teams Juventus could be drawn against once the balls stop bouncing around by the UEFA folks:

Real Madrid, Monaco, Borussia Dortmund, Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Chelsea Porto

Some of those teams strike absolute bad thoughts in all our heads, while others are a much more favorable matchup for Max Allegri and Juventus. But because Juve finished second in Group A behind Atlético Madrid, they're going to be facing a group winner whether they like it or not.

Who do you want to face? Who do you want to avoid? Who will Juventus being drawn against will make you get up out of your chair and throw your remote across the room in anger and/or celebration? These are the kinds of things that matter these days because apparently Juventus like playing out draws. (Yeah, still a little angry about the Sampdoria game.)

The draw will be streamed live on UEFA's official website. It is scheduled to start around 12:00 CET, so feel free to do the math to make it local time wherever you may live.

So may this be a kind draw that doesn't put Juventus against one of those pesky European heavyweights that have been destroying everything in sight these days. And, for that matter, may this not be the last Champions League draw Juventus and all of this take part in this season.