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Max Allegri Approval Rating - November 2014

How did Max Allegri do over the course of the last month?

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

October was a tough month for Juventus, and, as expected Massimiliano Allegri changed the team's formation. What was unexpected in November, though, was how quickly the new formation has taken root and rejuvenated the players. The Bianconeri were simply 'magisterial' this month, if I can borrow the adjective from everyone's "favorite" television commentator.

Allegri's team played six games, and won all six, scoring nineteen goals in the process while giving up three in the new 4-3-1-2/4-3-2-1 formation. In the manager's defense, though, he did say that the team had practiced in this formation in the offseason too, to be used when and if needed.

2-0 win, away at Empoli (Serie A) - Match Info

3-2 win, home against Olympiakos (Champions League) - Match Info

7-0 win, home against Parma (Serie A) - Match Info

3-0 win, away at Lazio (Serie A) - Match Info

2-0 win, away at Malmo (Champions League) - Match Info

2-1 win, home against Torino (Serie A) - Match Info

Keep in mind that Juventus are still top of the Serie A table, three points and nine goals clear of Roma in second. In the Champions League, Juve are second in Group A, three points behind Atletico Madrid —who they host in just over a week — and three points ahead of Olympiakos who host Malmo.

So using a simple grading scale, how do you think Max did this month? Feel free to consider his tactics, team selection, in-game adjustments and any other criterion where he has been involved. Further, also take into consideration what he's doing with the youth squads and how he has rotated the squad, too.

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