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Juventus defender Angelo Ogbonna picks up hamstring injury while on international duty with Italy

Claudio Villa

I've become accustomed to Juventus players getting injured. It really has become a matter of when a post will go up about a player going down with an injury, not like we've seen in the last few years when very few people had the lingering, nagging muscle strains that always seem to pop up these days.

So when I see something like the paragraph below from Italy's official website on Thursday, I'm not surprised at all. Disgruntled, yes, but not exactly surprised considering how a majority of the Juventus roster seems to be picking up injuries — minor or major — at some point in time.

The Azzurri played a friendly against the U18 national side this afternoon. Angelo Ogbonna did not take part after he suffered a muscle problem in his right thigh. He underwent some medical tests today and will do the same tomorrow.

Those tests have since taken place, and this is what we were told about them:

Angelo Ogbonna sat out the session once again; he suffered a muscle problem in his left thigh yesterday, and underwent further medical tests this morning.

So not much. At least until the doc actually spoke to us.

The hamstring injury, as Italy doctor Enrico Castellacci told us on Friday, isn't all that serious. It looks like it will kill Ogbonna's chances of playing as one of the defenders in Azzurri manager Antonio Conte's 3-5-2 starting lineup against Croatia in a Euro 2016 qualifying match this weekend — which is unfortunate considering how he's played this season.

But the best thing in all of this is the "it isn't serious" line from Castellacci. They didn't define how long "isn't serious" or this "small" hamstring injury will keep Ogbonna out, but you have to think that he is not going to be risked in Italy's second game of the international break, a friendly against Albania next week. So you just hope seven days from now, as Juve prepare to face Lazio in Rome, Ogbonna is ready to play regardless of what formation Max Allegri is going to go with these days. I'm not really in the mood to type "JUVENTUS INJURY CRISIS IN DEFENSE!" again. That was okay once, but twice? Ehhhhhh, not so much.