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Max Allegri Approval Rating - October 2014

Dai dai dai!

Marco Luzzani

You might have been in one of two camps at the beginning of the season when you watched Massimiliano Allegri take Antonio Conte's lineup and pretty much rehash it match-after-match:

  1. Why change a winning formula
  2. He needs to develop his own winning formula

Well, the month of October has been a tough one for Juventus, the kind of which the Bianconeri have not seen since the dark, pre-Conte days. The team played six games this month, ending with a record of two wins, one draw and three losses. Three identical, 1-0 losses, where we did everything but score.

The results were:

0-1 loss, away to Atletico Madrid (Champions League) - Match Info

3-2 win, home against AS Roma (Seria A) - Match Info

1-1 draw, away to Sassuolo (Seria A) - Match Info

0-1 loss, away to Olympiacos (Champions League) - Match Info

2-0 win, home against Palermo (Serie A) - Match Info

0-1 loss, away to Genoa (Seria A) - Match Info

So using a simple grading scale, how did you think Max did this month? Feel free to consider his tactics, team selection, in-game adjustments and any other criterion where he has been involved. Further, also take into consideration what he's doing with the youth squads and how he has rotated the squad too.

Vote below.