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Martín Cáceres, Álvaro Morata injured during Juventus' loss to Atlético Madrid

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

It wouldn't be the day after the game unless there was news about somebody being injured, right? Well, no matter how you feel about it, there's injury news regarding two members of Juventus' Spanish-speaking contingent.

From Juventus' official website:

Martin Caceres was able to take part in the warm-down after suffering a dislocated right shoulder during the defeat to Atletico Madrid.

On the other hand, Alvaro Morata underwent an MRI scan after pulling up during yesterday's game. Although the tests ruled out any muscular damage, they did reveal that the 21-year-old has suffered a slight strain of the right gluteus.

His condition will be assessed over the next few days to see if he is fit enough for Sunday's game with the Giallorossi.

There were rumblings that Cáceres — who was shown trying to work out the kinks in his shoulder before being subbed off — was indeed injured Wednesday, thus contributing to the reason why Max Allegri made a change after Atlético took a 1-0 lead on Arda Turan's goal. After the game, Allegri confirmed Cáceres injured his shoulder, but didn't say to what exact extent, essentially saying he was "worried" about the injury. As you can see above, there's no timetable for how long it may or may not take Mr. Long Socks to recover from dislocating his right shoulder.

There is, however, a rough timetable for just how long Morata will be evaluated for before a decision is made about his status. The general consensus is that the 21-year-old Spaniard is in danger of missing Juventus' showdown with Roma on Sunday. And the way Fernando Llorente is currently playing, that's not exactly the best of news.  We'll see just how "slight" this "slight strain" really is, though.

In conclusion: Injuries are stupid, and need to stop happening.