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Max Allegri says Arturo Vidal won't play against Sassuolo on Saturday night

Pier Marco Tacca

Now that there's actually a Juventus game a little more than 24 hours away once again, we can actually get back to talking about who is or isn't playing from the opening whistle. Even if it's good or bad news to some, Max Allegri let us in on at least one player who won't be taking part in Juventus' first game coming out of the international break.

Juventus' first-year manager announced at his pre-match press conference on Friday that midfielder Arturo Vidal won't be part of the squad that travels to Sassuolo this weekend to face the Neroverdi. Vidal was the last Juventus player to return from international duty this week after his flight back from Chile arrived later than originally planned. According to Juventus' official website, Vidal took part in an individual fitness workout after he got back to the club's training grounds at Vinovo.

So much for keeping us guessing as to who is starting on Saturday, huh? Freakin' jet lag, man.

Cue the stories in the English press linking Vidal to Manchester United again. Why? Because why not! Or something.

If you had any questions or thoughts of "Well, all four of the central midfielders are healthy again, so who's going to be the odd man out?" then I guess it's time to debate something else in your head. With the absence of Vidal, it's almost certainly going to be Paul Pogba, Andrea Pirlo and Claudio Marchisio starting in the center of Juventus' midfield tomorrow night. Basically the easiest no-brainer as no-brainers get these days.

That's just what happens when you away one of the options that actually makes it a talking point. As you can see, Max Allegri is just here to make things a lot less stressful, obviously.