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Juventus vs. Atlético Madrid: You choose Massimiliano Allegri's starting lineup

Could Álvaro Morata get the start ahead of Fernando Llorente? TUNE IN AND FIND OUT!
Could Álvaro Morata get the start ahead of Fernando Llorente? TUNE IN AND FIND OUT!
Valerio Pennicino

When Juventus' season was getting ready to begin, we sat here and thought out loud about what exactly Max Allegri might do when it came to his formation and tactics. It was a valid question seeing as he had used a handful of different looks in the build up to his first season as Juventus manager.

But as we've come to find out, the more things change, the more they have stayed the same. Well, at least in terms of what formation Juventus have used both domestically and now in Europe.

In the words of a certain beIN Sports "correspondent" or "reporter," everything seemed to be set ... until Max Allegri took the microphone at his pre-match press conference on Tuesday. He said what we expected him to say about Atléti being a great challenge (because they will be), and how he's happy with how Juve have played thus far. But then he threw us a bit of a curveball.

Max, you trickster! Obviously Martín Cáceres is just about back to full health after his minor injury. So if Cáceres is healthy, that means he's got the edge over the in-form Angelo Ogbonna, right? I would think so, simply due to the fact of how good and consistent Martín has been this season But what I'm getting at here is the mention of "Llorente or Morata" in the starting lineup. So, Max, Fernando or Álvaro?

So that doesn't help in terms of giving us a hint about who may or may not start. But whoever starts will likely give us a hint as to how Allegri plans to play the game and how he wants to attack against Atlético Madrid.


They make it so difficult sometimes. Maybe we can just close our eyes and pick one? You know, kinda like picking a number out of a hat. Just at random. Makes it seem so much easier sometimes.

You know the game. Will it be Llorente? Or will it be Morata getting his first Juventus start? Might Martín Cáceres be the another former La Liga player who gets the start on a field he used to play on before coming to Juventus? There aren't a lot of decisions Allegri has to make, but those that remain question marks are rather important ones. They never said being a manager is easy....