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Transfer Deadline Day: Is the Mirko Vucinic-Fredy Guarin swap deal back on?

Claudio Villa

Remember when we thought all of that Mirko Vucinic and Fredy Guarin talk was done and dusted because the swap deal involving the two players fell apart? Yeah, that deal. It was something nobody really expected consider the agreement between the two clubs was just about as done as one could get before being officially official.

Well, I think we haven't heard the last of that. I know this because reports coming out of Italy right now are telling me so. Convenient how that works, isn't it?

To the Twitter machine!

Well then. That's not exactly what I expected to happen. Then again, it's Inter, so you never really know.

We might as well file this one under the "What the hell is going on here?" section of deadline day. There could be the distinct possibility that Inter were seemingly waiting to secure Hernanes from Inter — which they have done — before trying to get the Vucinic-Guarin swap deal back on the table.

It makes sense if you think about it that way. Why sell one player when you think you don't have a direct replacement for him with such limited amount of time left in the transfer window? That's basically what Juve are doing with Dani Osvaldo and whoever it is that could be leaving Juventus by the time the January transfer window closes. See, logic. Not exactly Inter's cup of tea, but everybody gets lucky from time to time.

Whatever happens, #FreeFredy. Oh, and you might as well go grab some popcorn. This probably will get interesting — even more than it did the first time around.