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The day that was: Mirko Vucinic-Fredy Guarin swap deal falls flat on its face

Pier Marco Tacca

The whirlwind 24 hours of transfer negotiations has been completed. But not because of the deal being successful negotiated or anything like that. Far from it, actually.

A day that started with Juventus and Inter only seemingly a handshake away from agreeing to the surprising swap deal for Juventus striker Mirko Vucinic and Inter Milan midfielder Fredy Guarin fell apart in a hurry.

The reported transfer fee — €1.5 million going to Inter along with Vucinic — had been agreed upon by both sides. Both players had agreed to personal terms on contract figures that were drawn up in no time. Vucinic had not only said farewell to his Juve teammates, but had already taken his medical with Inter while negotiations took place, Guarin was in Turin awaiting word that he's good to go to take his own medical examination.

Everything was set to go. Just a few details here and there and the move would be done.

And then, in what seemed like a few short minutes, everything went to hell.

First, after talks broke down between the two clubs, we got this from Inter Milan:

FC Internazionale has decided not to continue negotiations with Juventus regarding the transfer of Fredy Guarin and Mirko Vucinic. President Thohir, having conferred with Massimo Moratti and the club's management team, did not feel that the necessary technical and financial conditions were in place to come to a satisfactory agreement.

A club statement from Juventus followed up the words from Inter's camp shortly thereafter.

Juventus Football Club does not wish to comment on the statement released by FC Internazionale.

The club is focused on tonight's Coppa Italia match and will assess and explain the disconcerting events that have come to pass in due course.

Having seen it in the past couple of years, when Juventus go short and sweet with their club statements, you know they're pissed off. And, to be honest, they should be considering how things went. This was a deal that was as close as you can get to being done without the official press releases being sent out.

Now, Vucinic is returning to Juventus — at least that's what you'd think would happen — and Guarin is basically saying he will never play for Inter again, essentially going on strike after what went down. At least that's what we know right now. The way the last 24 hours or so have gone, who really knows what is going to happen. But it does seem like one thing is looking certain: Fredy Guarin and Mirko Vucinic being involved in the same transfer isn't going to be happening.

Funny how that works, isn't it? Just when you think the deal is done and an "OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL" post is going to be published, something throws the internet for a freaking loop and then some. That's what Tuesday gave us.

I guess after everything that took place on Tuesday afternoon when it comes to Guarin and Vucinic trying to find a new club and Juventus and Inter transfer dealings, that's all I'd have to say, too.