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Monday's negotiations end with no Mirko Vucinic-Fredy Guarin deal completed

Claudio Villa

So much for what we expected to be a quiet January transfer window for Beppe Marotta and Juventus.

Monday brought us quite a little surprise — Mirko Vucinic going on his way to Inter, Fredy Guarin going in the opposite direction to Juventus. Well, it's not official yet, but it damn well seems like it's close to being wrapped up. The day was full of negotiating between the Inter and Juventus directors, with a good amount of progress reportedly being made. You know, stuff you gotta do to get a deal done in the coming hours of negotiations.

Okay, so it's almost done. Everybody who has inside information of what is going to happen seems set on the deal being close at some point Tuesday. That makes sense, especially since Beppe Marotta actually said he's getting along with people from Inter. You don't hear that very often.

So, after Monday's round of talks, this is what we know right now:

  • The Vucinic and Guarin's proposed move — both who will join their new teams on loan — is looking like it will actually happen in the very near future.

  • Vucinic is moving to become a starter at Inter, Guarin is moving to Juventus to be a reserve. That's...interesting to say the very least.

  • Inter Milan is a funny, funny club. Why's that? Here's why.

  • Vucinic isn't part of Juventus' 22-man squad called up for tomorrow night's Coppa Italia clash against Roma in the Italian capital. Insert your own kind of "he's leaving very, very soon" kind of remark here.

One more thing we know: Fredy Guarin was seen leaving Monday night's negotiations, but didn't say anything regarding what may or may not be happening. So much for your help, Fredy!!!

It was quite the day for Twitter-centric news being delivered when it comes to the Vucinic-Guarin negotiations. The final product was that a move that nobody really expected to take place seems like it's just a few details and money figures away from being 100 percent done. It could breakdown, but who really knows. The odds are pointing towards this thing being completed sooner rather than later.

Just another day in the January transfer window. How long until February 1st gets here? Tick tock, tick tock...