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Reports: Genoa making progress in pursuit of signing Paolo De Ceglie

Dino Panato

I haven't written a lot of things about Paolo De Ceglie in the past couple of years. In fact, the last time there was a post solely dedicated to the guy who has quite the resemblance to Ashton Kutcher, I compared him to a car. I guess that kind of comparison is reserved for only the most special of the special folks, but that's not exactly why we're here today.

De Ceglie's future with Juventus, the club he has been at for almost as long as some of us have been alive, is up in the air. He could stay, he could go elsewhere and play more than he has the past 18 months. How do I know this? Because Twitter told me!

Co-ownership or permanent move, eh? No matter how tough it may be to move away from a club that he has spent so much time at, this may be his best shot to restart a career that has been up and down the past four or five years to say the very least. And with Kwado Asamoah in the ranks, there's no doubting who the starting left wingback is — and it isn't Paolo De Ceglie.

Where do the negotiations stand? That's where this report from transfer man Gianluca Di Marzio comes into play, who has provided us with these details of where things are going.

Genoa and Paolo De Ceglie are getting closer. Genoa contacted Juventus today about the winger, whom they have identified as the replacement for Luca Antonelli. ... The contact between Juventus and Genoa was positive, but the parties will keep each other updated at some point tomorrow (in the evening since Genoa president Preziosi is returning from abroad) to move forward in the negotiation.

Wait, there's one more rather important thing to read from Di Marzio.

De Ceglie's future looks likely in Genoa...

Well then.

And if it doesn't work out, there's always the DJ Paolino thing that he can turn to. Or maybe not. I think there's better chances of PDC spinning a beautiful cross in to a striker than his DJ work becoming a hit, but I won't hold it against him.