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Sunday Funday Juventus link dump

Claudio Villa

Here's a new discovery I just made: International breaks are boring.

Want to know another discovery I made? Of course you do!

After a thorough investigation, I made this discovery: The international break is even worse when we've had a little taste of the Serie A season. You know, two weekends of the season have been started and completed and then, suddenly, it's taken away from us for the exact same period of time. It's almost like going to your favorite restaurant, ordering your favorite meal off the menu, and then having it snatched up by the cooks after having it in front of you for a couple minutes.

In conclusion: This sucks.

Now, in honor of everybody's favorite two weeks without calcio at the beginning of September, here's a link dump to hopefully help pass the time.


ESPNFC: Juventus should be proud of their summer spending

Based on simply reading the title, I have formed this opinion: I agree.

But when you delve into it a little further and remember the fact what kind of quality Juventus brought in for a very good total price, things seem even better. And yes, after reading it, I still agree.


We Ain't Got No History: Fair or Foul? A look at UEFA's Financial Fair Play regulations

One of my old college professors told me once, "I'm a journalist, you do the math!" Well, I'm not exactly a college professor, but I've got the journalism degree, so I'm telling you to click the link. Why? Because WAGNH's new financial guy does some — if not a lot — of the math for us all. And lots of informative explaining.


Football Italia: Belgium star Bruno dreams of Italy

Rumor has it Belgium is producing some pretty good footballers these days. Still waiting for confirmation on that, but you might just want to take my word for it and believe me. (Rumors may also be well known.)

So if you're listening, Beppe, there's a name to keep an eye on.


The Guardian: Xabi Alonso set to join Juventus?

Transfer rumors will never stop! We can't get away from them! Somebody save us!

Ah yes, the spin will be that Juventus are already planning for a post-Pirlo world. And they very well may be, but it's not exactly the best thing in the world to replace a guy who will be 35 years old in May with a guy who will be 32 years old at the end of November, right? Maybe that's just me thinking out loud and in the open. Go ahead and discuss.


A tweet from the day after the transfer window closed. Why? Because, ya know, it's good to see the Italian press saying that they're going to take a break from churning out the usual transfer mumbo-jumbo like they did for the past three months or so.


Happy birthday to Juventus Stadium. Not a bad couple of years we've had together.