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Juventus say Carlos Tevez may miss the club's Champions League clash vs. Galatasaray due to injury

Valerio Pennicino

When Ciro Immobile tackled from Carlos Tevez from behind, his studs going into the Argentine striker's ankle, the basic reaction from the BWRAO Twitter feed was "RED CARD RED CARD RED CARD!" And judging by the subsequent replays from various angles, everybody calling for a red card on the young Italian striker was the right thing to do. It was bad — really, really bad.

But the repercussions of said tackle by one certain Juve youth standout didn't take long to be known. Tevez's ankle is hurt, and it may mean he misses a very, very important European clash with one of his old "friends" rom Manchester City. From Juventus' official website:

During the first half of this afternoon's Serie A encounter with Torino, Carlos Tevez sustained a lacerated and contused wound on his right ankle.

The striker's condition will continue to be assessed over the coming hours, but he remains a serious doubt for Wednesday night's Champions League game against Galatasaray.

And in the hours following the completion of the Derby della Mole, Tevez took to Twitter to voice his displeasure — and display the after effects — regarding the red card-worthy tackle he was on the receiving end of in the first half of Juve's win over Torino.

For those of us who aren't so fluent in Spanish, this is what the text in Tevez's Twitter post says: 'We always win with help, so that'll be why someone who nearly breaks my ankle only gets a yellow...'

Yeah, ouch. That's...yeah. But let me ask this on the way out: How many players would have gone on another 50 or 60 minutes with something that is, on the looks of it, painful as all hell? I'm going to say not very many, let alone one that was getting beat up from the minute the game began like Tevez was against Toro.