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Juventus link dump: Pre-weekend, pre-Turin derby edition

Valerio Pennicino

While I mentally prepare myself for the lunchtime kickoff game which begins in the middle of the night here in little old California, I've been doing some thinking. And with that thinking has come clicking around the interwebs and discovering some things about this little game of ours.

Here are my findings. (Scientific data may or may not be coming up soon. Hint: Probably not.)


Primavera lift Super Cup with last gasp winner |

There's just something about Juventus playing in Rome that makes them want to score goals and win games.

Ah, yes. That's right.

Juventus' primavera youngsters followed in the footsteps of the senior squad by claiming the Supercoppa against Lazio on Thursday night at the Olimpico in Rome. It came in a little different fashion, though. There wasn't a blowout or second-half goal fest. What happened was that Juve's primavera side needed all 90 minutes to claim the trophy all for themselves. Not bad, kids.


Player Focus: Bonucci Ability Taking Pressure Off Pirlo |

If you haven't already noticed, Leonardo Bonucci has been an assist machine through five games this season. But being a fantastic distributer out of the back isn't exactly a new-found part of Bonucci's game — it's what makes him so effective as the middle man in a three-man defense. Maybe it's the fact that Andrea Pirlo is struggling to begin the season, maybe it is something entirely different, but Bonucci is getting the praise he rightfully deserves for playing the way he has this year.


Conte bringing swagger back to Juventus |


Conte interviews are always a good read. I especially liked the question about what and how much he learned from Marcello Lippi when Conte played for him. It's almost like he knew he was going to be a coach when he was still a player. What a guy.


Juventus keen on Manchester United starlet | Forza Italian Football

When you get one of Manchester United's starlets to sign with you and then watch them turn into one of the best young players in the world, you want to sign all the Manchester United starlets and watch them turn into the best young players in the world. Or something like that.

There's probably little truth to it, but it sure would be funny to snag another youngster from Man United for next to nothing.


Juventus club focus: The Bianconeri (barely) do the Verona double | Forza Italian Football

Two games, six points, we'll see you both in the middle of February for the return legs.


All change at Galatasaray | ESPNFC

Why Galatasaray? Well, take a look at the schedule and see who Juventus is playing in the Champions League next Wednesday. Yeah, that Galatasaray. And it's a Galatasaray that not only saw our old friend Felipe Melo cause a bit of a riot involving chairs, but one that just fired their manager. Things are happening in Istanbul, but who knows if it's actually something that will pay off for the club. But it might for Juventus, which won't be such a bad thing.


Controversial win for the Comeback Kings | ESPNFC

I heard there was a Juventus win on Wednesday. Don't know if all of it has reached the public, though.