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Beppe Marotta says Juventus will hold talks with Andrea Pirlo in February or March

Claudio Villa

Wednesday didn't bring just an ugly, ugly 2-1 win against Chievo. No, far from it as much as it's hard to believe. And it wasn't even stuff that was happening on the field of play — but it does pertain to it, of course. It was just a few simple questions, a few simple answers, and now we have something to talk about.

Beppe Marotta wasn't asked about how Andrea Pirlo is playing right now. He wasn't asked about the maestro's world-class beard. It had to do with Pirlo's future with the two-time defending Serie A champions. It makes sense, not just because Pirlo's current contract is over when the season comes to an end. Pirlo will be 35 years old when his contract expires — not exactly the age you think of somebody getting a brand new contract.

But, as we know, Pirlo isn't exactly the norm when it comes to footballers. And that's why it's such a unique situation Juventus will find themselves in when renewal negotiations start early next year, according to Juve's director general.

That brings us to Wednesday night, where Marotta's answers weren't detailed as they may be other times he has a microphone stuck in front of his face. They didn't go on for minutes on end like they sometimes do at press conferences. What they did provide, though, was that when it comes to Pirlo, Juventus want him to stick around a little longer.

There was this...

...and this...

...and then this...

All in all, it's not earth-shattering news, but it's important at the same time. Pirlo is going to be a top priority when the calendar flips over to 2014. And it's not just because of what he means to the team, but what the impact will be if he does or doesn't come back to Turin.

So many questions for Marotta and the rest of the Juventus front office to consider over the next couple of months on top of what they have to deal with on a regular bais. This isn't just some ho-hum decision. There are things to think about, questions to ask no only themselves, but others at the club. Can Pirlo still get it done at the level Juventus will likely demand from him? How does he play into Antonio Conte's plans if he does get a new contract? What does Pirlo himself want to do? The list can go on and on and on and on.

That's a lot to take in. Maybe it's a good thing they'll have four or five months think about it all.