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Reports: The proposed Quagliarella-Borriello-Gilardino swap is not going to happen

It's okay. I'm sure Marco Borriello can find another three-way somewhat soon.

Lars Baron

The rumors of a possible striker domino effect involving Fabio Quagliarella, Marco Borriello and Alberto Gilardino popped up over the weekend. It was a little perplexing — especially considering that Juve didn't necessarily need somebody like Gilardino heading in their direction unless something drastically changed with Quagliarella.

But as Monday went on and the hours left in the transfer window became single digits, the proposed three-team striker extravaganza lost some steam. And then, as the amount of hours left reached a number we can count on one hand, the deal — at least the one involving Juventus and Gilardino and Quagliarella — fell through the cracks.

First, Gianluca Di Marzio had this:

The striker carousel is now stalling. An agreement wasn't reached to send Alberto Gilardino to Juve, Marco Borriello to Roma and Fabio Quagliarella to Roma. The first two transfer would have been on the basis of a loan, but the third move was supposed to be a straight sale. Roma wants to avoid owning multiple significant players next season. In addition there also was the issues of the wages since the giallorossi would have had to pay 5 million before taxes. They continue to negotiate, they will try to reach an agreement on the figures.

Now, we can rest easy now, kids. All signs point to the deal being officially dead.

Well, so much for all of those rumors coming to fruition.

Some will blame Antonio Conte for preventing it (which seems like a harsh way to look at things). I mean, when Borriello is basically making twice as much as the other two strikers, there's going to be some kind of hold up in the negotiations taking place.

But for all of those Juventini who might have been hoping for Gilardino, it looks like the only place that will be happening is if you sign him in FIFA14. Maybe next time, guys. That is, if you really want a 31-year-old Gilardino on your team.