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Juventus striker Fabio Quagliarella still on the market?

Marco Luzzani

The standard logic told us that with the departure of Alessandro Matri to Milan before the weekend got underway, Juventus weren't going to be unloading any of their five remaining strikers. It was the magical number Juve had been wanting to get to for weeks and they were finally there. The rumors were still coming through as per usual, but everything that Beppe Marotta had said publicly gave us the impression that once one of Juve's strikers were sold, that would — in all likelihood — be the final transfer dealing when it came to the team's attack.

Well, Mina Rzouki is telling us something a little different.

Okay, we knew that.

Okay, we didn't know that.

Rumors of a possible Quagliarella sale popped up again on Sunday afternoon following the completion of the day's matches. Gianluca Di Marzio floated out the idea that a Quagliarella departure could set off a chain reaction of 30-something-year-old strikers — Quags, Marco Borriello and Alberto Gilardino — changing places in Italy on the transfer window's final day. But they're rumors, guys. Who really knows how much of it is true and how much of it is just total BS.

But even with logic telling us Juve wouldn't sell another striker, there are plenty of reports saying that Quagliarella still has plenty of admirers even though he's no longer surplus goods in Turin. Could Marotta sell Quagliarella and then bring in somebody else? I'll admit that it seems like more of a possibility now than I thought it was 48 hours ago.