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VOTD: From past to the present — Andrea Pirlo being Andrea Pirlo

Sometimes when you want to describe Andrea Pirlo, there's no way to do it. Not because there isn't really anything of importance to say. There's plenty. It's Andrea freaking Pirlo, dammit, and he can whatever the heck he feels like.

Here's an example...

I could tell you about how Pirlo had huge stones when he stepped up to the penalty spot last summer against England in the Euro 2012 quarterfinals. Or, I could just show you what Pirlo did when he stepped up to the spot and subsequently left Joe Hart flying through the air and looking back to the place he was just standing moments before.


See? Sometimes visual examples are a lot better than the written ones.

And when it comes to Andrea Pirlo, a lot of the time the visual examples are a lot easier to reach for than any one of us trying to wax poetically in regards to one of the best passers of the ball we've ever seen in this here game we love so much. "You see that ball Pirlo dropped over the entire defense?" Well, yeah, but that might not do it justice, though.

That's why we have videos to show us when all we can say is "Andrea Pirlo is really good!" and nothing much else.

So maybe I should just shut up now and just watch damn video. Yeah, that's probably the best idea I'll have tonight. I mean, when you're watching Pirlo be Pirlo, you really can't do much better than that. It's just too bad

(h/t to @juventus_fc_fan and @AZKhawaja on Twitter)