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Milan Channel 'welcomes back' Alessandro Matri, medical set for Friday morning

Dino Panato

So we were wondering, based on Gianluca Di Marzio's report on Thursday morning, how many hours it would take for Alessandro Matri to complete his move to the club he grew up at, AC Milan. It was a reasonable thing to wait for considering how much nonsense will likely be thrown out our direction the next few days while the transfer window reaches its final days of being open.

Well, based on what Milan Channel flashed on the bottom of their screen on Thursday night, what was called 'imminent' and just 'a few hours away' is just a couple of medical exams from being called "OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL" on this space of the internet.

There is still no concrete figure on how much Matri will cost Milan. Some say €11 million with another €1 million added on. Others say it's €10 million with some other kind of number added. Either way, it sounds like it's between the €10 or €12 million we saw earlier in the day — a pretty respectable figure for Juventus to get back considering how up and down Matri has been the past couple of seasons.