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Report: AC Milan's move for Juventus' Alessandro Matri is just hours away from happening

How exciting!

Valerio Pennicino

The proposed Alessandro Matri-to-Milan move was to simple, yet somewhat complicated steps that needed a certain chain of events to actual, ya know, happen.

Part one involved AC Milan staying in the Champions League and qualifying for the group stages. That would mean more cash, more of a need for some backup firepower on the bench. Milan would have more cash and then try to sign a player to replaced the injured Giampaolo Pazzini, who is expected to return around October at the very earliest.

Part two meant that with the qualification into the group stages sealed on Wednesday night at the San Siro, Milan would look to wrap up a deal for Matri — a former Milan youth product — as soon as humanly possible before the summer transfer window closed at the end of the week. There would be no hiccups with a deal reportedly basically agreed on between Milan and Juventus, thus creating no last-day snafus.

Well, Milan did just that and got the first order of business out of the way, beating PSV decisively 4-0 on aggregate to move on and play a part in today's Champions League draw. And like simple logic, we've got the first part out of the way, and now the wheels are (supposedly) starting to go in motion towards stop No. 2 and a possible resolution to where Matri will be playing ball this season.

From Sky Italia's Gianluca Di Marzio:

There are no issues between the rossoneri and Juventus, the contacts are constant. They will close deal for 11 million euro plus one in bonuses, at most 10 plus 2 million. The first figure is the most likely, all parties are on board with move. Allegri is waiting for him, the two have a great relationship since the Cagliari days. Juve has already the mindset to close a deal and to let him leave between today and tomorrow.

So, what do we do now? Just sit around and twiddle or thumbs and hit refresh on the news section of Juventus' official website? Help me out here, guys. I'm confused.

In all seriousness, based on everything that is being said, it does seem like a matter of time before Matri changes in bianconero for rossonero. Matri and Fabio Quagliarella have basically been on the market all summer and with the proposed €11 or €12 million coming in from Milan, that's just too good of an offer for a striker who obviously isn't in Antonio Conte's plans going forward this season and doesn't really work in the 3-5-2 tactics Juve are built around.