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Sampdoria 0:1 Juventus - Paul Pogba and Carlos Tevez steal the show

It wasn't pretty, mostly because of the pouring rain in Genoa, but Juventus started off the quest for a third straight Scudetto with 3 hard-earned points!

How do you not put this image as the lead image, no matter the context?
How do you not put this image as the lead image, no matter the context?
Claudio Villa

Damn we look good in yellow. I actually bought the jersey back like 7-8 years ago when we had a third jersey that was yellow but that one sucked. This year's jersey is just sexual intercourse. I love it. Still haven't found an ebay version I trust is as close to the original as possible, but I'm getting there. Slowly but surely.

What was this article about? Oh yeah, the Juve win against Sampdoria on Saturday. I know, a long time ago. By the time I got around to this review Miley Cyrus twerked all over the internet like a 12-year old boy in a girls' locker room.

Nonethless, I'll focus on the Sampa game for as long as I can. I won't bore you with the play by play, though that goal was a thing of beauty - the quick passing, great runs, and Vidal's through ball to Pogba were all just a joy to watch. Also, I wanted to point out a few things:

  • Tevez fought on defense like the pitbull we all know he is not-so-deep inside. It was great to watch - if he can keep this up he will be Conte's favorite little mascot in no time.
  • Vidal is such an aware player. I love watching him when he has to make quick decisions, especially in defense. His vision is rarely discussed on here, but most of the time he knows exactly how many defenders are behind him and what kind of counter-attacking chances the opposition has at the moment.
  • Scrap the whole Pogba is Pirlo's successor lingo. If we waste Pogba's attacking talent as a regista and regista only then I will personally storm into Vinovo and demand to speak with Conte (though I probably won't make it past the first gate). I have a feeling Pogba, with Conte's very-hard-to-receive blessing, will carve out his own position at Juventus in the next 2 seasons. As Pirlo winds down, I see Pogba playing a playmaking role that also allows for attacking runs and goal-scoring opportunities. The first player that came to mind was Steven Gerrard, specifically his role at Liverpool after Xabi left. I am far from an expert on the Reds, but from what I remember watching them play back then Gerrard was not only facilitating the attacks, but very often finishing them too.
  • I guess we're all about lists now. Danny STOLE my things I think I think in his first reaction piece, so here I am making unordered, untitled lists like a peasant. See what you did Danny?!?

Buffon7 - Didn't see much action, which was perfectly fine with me. One odd ball on a rainy day like that and it could significantly affect the scoreline.

Barzagli7 - Seems to be getting his fitness and his groove back. Solid game all around.

Bonucci7 - Started off shaky, but found his rhythm quickly thereafter. I like his passing so far - it is a lot more calculated and less impulsive.

Chiellini: 5.5 - Had such a great game in the SuperCoppa, shame he didn't get a great start in Serie A in his first game this season. Was troubled pretty much the whole match, never really recovered from making errors. He can consider himself lucky Juventus didn't pay a penalty for some of his bad play. Eder and Eramo looked like they were gonna have a field day in the first half.

Lichtsteiner: 6.5 - The way he reacted to Castellini's challenge marred his image in my head for the game, maybe he's been watching too much Keeping Up With The Barcelonetas (ahem, Jordi Alba, ahem). That said, very often I would catch myself following Lichtsteiner's movement in attack and by the time I've switched over attention to follow the potential counter attack by Sampdoria, he'd already be in defense forming that 5 person back line. He works so damn hard.

Pirlo6.5 - Someone said this on here (or on Twittah), but the rain does not favor Pirlo much. He did start very confidently, challenging Da Costa with a great outside shot in the 5th minute, but didn't really develop our attack the way he knows.

Pogba: 7.5 - I was looking forward to seeing Pogba from the start and he didn't disappoint. He was very composed despite his age, and it still baffles me how mature he looks on the field sometimes. Remember, if he came over to visit any one of you that live in the US you would't be able to buy him a beer. He started off the attack that eventually led to Vidal's perfect through ball to him so he can notch the second assist to Tevez in just as many games. Bawse.

Vidal7 - His pass was crucial for the whole goal action to come to fruition. Plus, he was visibly more active since Marchisio was out of the line up, especially in the first half when both teams were trying to impose dominance in the match.

Asamoah: 6.5 - We know what we get from Kwadwo on the left flank. He rushes his behind back to defense pronto, doesn't dribble much (or at least not successfully), though can whip a mean volley on the outside of his left foot. I don't think we can teach him any new tricks at this point. Just take it for what he is.

Tevez7 - In simple terms, two games for Carlitos and two goals. Pretty awesome start. He can do a lot better though. He has yet to get to a point where he can take over for a period of the game and put defenses on their heels. Granted, Serie A is a lot more compact defensively for such individual outbursts, but I will sure be expecting them. I know you will be too.

Vucinic: 5.5 - So angry, and so fruitless. Not even gonna waste words. I would have loved to see Llorente come on in the 88th minute than in the 89th. And by that I mean at halftime.


Llorente: sv - SERIE A DEBUT EVERYBODY!!! 2 Minutes. In Conte We Trust.

Giovinco: sv


Conte: 6.5 - With the conditions on the pitch and some of our players' performances, we could've used subs earlier in the game, but oh well. This won't be the first nor last time we give Conte crap for his subbing techniques when he ends up winning a game.