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Reports: Milan want Alessandro Matri if they qualify for the Champions League

Claudio Villa

A return to the club Alessandro Matri grew up at has long been a favorite transfer rumor for the Italian press. No matter what either squad looked like, it was there for everybody to try and determine whether there was some kind of truth behind it. And even as time went on, the rumors stuck around and popped their head up every so often.

Guess what, guys? They're back!

Or, from Gianluca Di Marzio in English:

Milan has made it's choice, should they get past the preliminary round of the Champions League they will pursue Alessandro Matri. ... Therefore, in case of qualification against PSV, the name of the Juve striker would be once again of interest for Milan. The deal would be a straight sale rather than a loan, as had been discussed in the past. Matri wouldn't exclude the arrival of Ljajic either. But first they need to eliminate PSV...

So, that's that.

It's no secret that Milan are looking for some kind of low-cost deal for an attacking player to try and improve their squad. They've barely spent any kind of money this summer after having gone through a multitude of options without any kind of positive results coming back their way. Keisuke Honda? Nope. Adem Ljajic? Looks like that won't be happening.

Now, according to the Italian press on Monday night, Milan may turn again to a name that's all too familiar to them — Mr. Mitra Matri himself.

We know that Beppe Marotta wants to sell a striker to get the number down to the magical five that Juve desires. It's basically been all he's talked about whenever he's been interviewed the last couple of weeks. But there's no certainty that it will be the 29-year-old Matri leaving with rumors showing up every day that Fabio Quagliarella has some kind of rumor from abroad. It's just one of those things that seems like will be coming down to the last day or two of the window or involves some team scrambling and send Juve a very good offer.

However, there is the quote below, so who really knows what the hell is going on right now when it comes to Juventus trimming down their squad before the summer transfer window closes its doors.