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Make your picks: BWRAO Juventus 2013-14 season predictions thread

Where I go away and you guys tell me what to think. Hey, a guy's gotta take a break some time.

Claudio Villa

In the couple of seasons before Antonio Conte arrived at Juventus, expectations weren't where they had been in years past. It wasn't what Juventus had become known for — not even close. But once Conte showed up, everything changed. Juventus got their grinta back. Juventus got back to winning the league title. Do one thing, another will follow.

Most important of all, Conte brought Juventus back to being Juventus. Simple as that.

We know what kind of manager Conte is now. I mean, dude named his daughter Vittoria because he loves winning so damn much. A transcript of what Conte's press conferences may very well go when he's not yelling at people in the Italian media is as follows.

Journalist: Mister, what do you want to win here at Juventus?

Antonio Conte: Win.

Journalist: But what, exactly?

Antonio Conte: Win.

Journalist: ...

Antonio Conte: /looks at his two Scudetti

Journalist: ...

Antonio Conte: Win that again.

Journalist: Anything else you want to say, Antonio?

Antonio Conte: Yes. Win everything.

Now going on his third year on the Juve sidelines, Conte has put his squad in position to just that.

All of that brings us to this — the season that's right in front of our eyes. Think of it kinda like a meet-and-greet thread, if you will. Just fill in the blanks, answer the questions, talk about whatever you want. Basically, it's like every other thread we've had here. But this time, there questions to answer. Don't worry, it's not an exam. Just an open discussion.

So, for you to ponder and then post in the comment section, the topics for discuss are as follows.

1. Where will Juventus finish in Serie A?

2. How far will Juventus get in the Champions League?

3. Will Juventus finally win the Coppa Italia and put the silver star on their pretty, pretty jersey?

4. Who will be Juventus' leading goal scorer this season and how many will they finish with?

5. What will the top four in Serie A look like when the season is over?

6. How many different hairstyles will Arturo Vidal and Paul Pogba collectively have this season?

7. Who will be Juventus' most valuable player this season?

8. Who will lead Juventus in assists and how many will they finish with?

9. Which player is it going to be in a make-or-break year at Juventus for?

10. Which Juventus player will end up surprising us all and be productive?

Okay, I'll end it there. Ten seems to be a good, round number to wrap things up at. I guess now that's left is for everybody to argue until Juventus and Sampdoria officially kick off their seasons. Just behave, folks.