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The link dump before the Juventus season-opening storm

Paolo Bruno

The beginning of the season is almost upon us, ladies and gentlemen. The amount of fingers needed to count the days before kickoff is not even a handful's-worth. Two days is all that remains between now and Juventus opening up another title defense.

But why screw around with transfer rumors and nonsense about Gareth Bale costing a bazillion euros or anything like that? Might as well spend our spare time doing productive things — or something like that.

SB Nation: Serie A 2013-14 previews — 20 clubs, 20 days

Hey, gotta keep the bosses happy, right? Okay, so they didn't demand I lead things off, but it's good reading two days before the season kicks off.


Football Italia: Juve's Swiss dynamo

Stephan Lichtsteiner is a lot of things. He runs his tail off every time he takes the field. He's the kind of player that Juve tifo love yet everybody else loves to hate. He can definitely be an a-hole on the field, but he's our a-hole — and there are few players I'd rather have bombing up and down the right flank other than the Swiss Express. Remember that black hole Juve used to have at right back? Yeah, I don't either (or chose not to).


Football Italia: Del Neri hails reinforced Juventus

Because we really needed to hear what Sargent Slaughter had to say about Juventus' upcoming season, right?

Star-divide Juve set to dominate against ugly backdrop

A season preview of sorts that says Juventus are going to dominate Serie A again. Who wouldn't like to read that?


ESPNFC: Paul Pogba is going nowhere, Juve insist

As another round of Pogba-to-Arsenal continue to make us facepalm for hours on end, Beppe Marotta has put the kibosh on any kind of move for the 20-year-old French starlet. This shouldn't be all that surprising, but seeing as Arsenal are scrambling like madmen to try and have some kind of positive transfer campaign less than 10 days before the window closes, it's good for a laugh at least.


transfermarket.ti: Juventus-grown players in Serie A, Serie B

Have you ever wondered where that random kid who played for the primavera squad five years ago is? Good, I'm glad I'm not the only one. Thankfully there are places that keep track of it all, and we can reap the benefits of it all.


Forza Italian Football: Time for Juventus' magician to move on

A look at Fabio Quagliarella's time at Juventus, which looks to be coming to an end sooner rather than later. This paragraph pretty much sums things up for me:

It seems his time with the Bianconeri is up, no longer does Antonio Conte want to call upon the services of his magician; the possibility of gazing open-mouthed at wonder goals has been replaced by the necessity to put away as many chances as possible.



The Hard Tackle: Juventus 2013-14 season — transfers, pre-season and prediction

From the good folks over at THT, we have another preview type of post. And with added predictions! Hey, they look good to me, too, so maybe they do know what they're talking about...

Star-divide 22 August 1926 - the Agnelli family's first Scudetto

I always like with Juve's website kicks it old school and this one is definitely a throwback. I mean, how often do we get to read something about Juventus winning a Scudetto 87 years ago? I'm gonna go out on a limb and say not very often.