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The Alessandro Matri exit rumors are starting to pick up steam

Claudio Villa

We all know somebody has to go with the way Juventus' current strike force is constructed. Getting down to five is the obvious target, but having six in the squad like what is currently the case is just one too many for anybody's liking.

The talk of Mirko Vucinic leaving has gone away. The same can be said for Sebastian Giovinco. That leaves us with two options: Alessnadro Matri and Fabio Quagliarella. It's not a surprise considering the pair of strikers — who were both signed during the 2010-11 season — got the least amount of playing time last year out of anybody from the Juve forward line not named Nicklas Bendtner and Nicolas Anelka and are now essentially on the market.

Matri is the kind of player who seems to split opinions almost as much as Giovinco and Vucinic. When he's scoring goals, it seems as though he's scoring them in bunches. We all know his career path by now — started out on fire when he first came to Juventus under Gigi Delneri, kept scoring goals for the first half of Antonio Conte's first season in Turin, then couldn't score at all for about a year and finally found some kind of form when the calendar hit 2013.

And while Quagliarella is reportedly going to be rejecting every move to England that comes his way, Matri reportedly met with the necessary folks to discuss his future while the squad was in Villar Perosa for the Juvenuts A vs. Juventus B match on Sunday afternoon. Via Football Italia:

Alessandro Matri held a summit with Juventus directors and Coach Antonio Conte, as he has offers from Napoli and Liverpool. The striker is on the market along with Fabio Quagliarella and has been given a €12m price-tag (approximately £10.5m).

This isn't the first time Napoli has been linked to a move for Matri and it certainly won't be the last the way this current transfer rumor mill is churning out material these days. And the previous rumors were floated out there before they used a huge chunk of their Edinson Cavani cash to bring in Gonzalo Higuain from Real Madrid. Whether this supposed meeting between the player and Juve management has any truth behind it, Matri could be packing his bags sooner rather than later. Again, the 'if' carries a lot of weight to it. Why? It wouldn't be the first time we've heard of the 28-year-old striker is heading to Southern Italy.

I'll just leave it at this: Going to Napoli makes a whole lot more sense than traveling to Merseyside — even if it means Matri will still be a backup. But even if it does materialize into something, it'll be interesting to see just how much playing time he does get if Higuain is healthy for the entire season.