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Five questions for the rest of Juventus' summer mercato

Claudio Villa

Juventus will make moves in the transfer market between now and the end of the month. I don't know who's involved or where they may be coming from or potentially going, but something is going to happen whether we like it or not.

The press in Italy has been mentioning a variety of moves Beppe Marotta could or could not be making before deadline day arrives in Turin. Some of them will make sense, others will make us simply sit back in a chairs and scratch our heads out of confusion. I guess that's just part of doing business with a bunch of papers that make their living on a job that involves throwing rumors at the wall to see which one sticks.

Okay, enough of this nonsense. To the actual point of this point.

1. Who will be the striker(s) that will be leaving Juventus this summer?

By now, Marotta's words at the end of July regarding the state of Juve's strike force are well known. They've been sitting out in the open for almost two weeks now for everybody to see. But just in case you've forgotten, here's a refresher course:

"Our attack is overflowing because it's too much to have six strikers of such quality. We want to reduce it to five, maybe including one youngster, and we hope to find a positive solution for us.

"We're analysing the offers, but what the players want is far more important than what we want as a club."

(Source: ESPNFC)

We know the involved parties: Fabio Quagliarella, Alessandro Matri and to a lesser extent Sebastian Giovinco and Mirko Vucinic. Somebody is going to be leaving. Heck, maybe even two of them. The reports of offers come and go with every couple of days that pass. Matri has been linked with a move to Napoli as recently as this past Friday and Saturday. Quagliarella has again been talked about going abroad to play in England for a decent chunk of change in return. Whether or not any of this actually materializes is still to be determined. But we'll still have the Italian press spitting out rumors going for us, which is...yeah.

2. Can Juventus get rid of the excess players who are currently inhabiting the roster?

I'm not sure you guys are still aware of it, but Marco Motta is still a part of the Juventus roster. No, really. Still here.

Okay, so Marco Motta isn't the only player that is considered as a 'must-sell' this transfer window. There is the striker or two that will certainly be gone. There's the other names — like Paolo De Ceglie or Reto Ziegler, for example — who are being linked with a move away from Juventus, but nothing seems to be really be materializing into something concrete. Whether Marotta is taking the patient approach or just not finding anything all that suitable isn't exactly being made public right now, but the fact that the squad needs to be cut down in size is a fact. And

3. Will anybody else of note be arriving this summer?

There are certain circumstances around this one. Juventus' squad clearly needs to be trimmed, but Marotta probably won't shy away from any last-minute deal that could possible arise. It will depend on who — and how many of them — leave in the coming weeks without a doubt. Maybe a young-ish striker to be the backup to the immediate backups? That's been talked about, too. But with Juve's squad seemingly complete in basically every area other than a few players leaving, the arrival gate may not be all that busy until the next transfer window or two.

4. Will the long-rumored Juan Zuniga signing actually take place?

Out of all the potential dealings Juventus have been associated with this summer, the possible acquisition of a Zuniga signing wasn't the one I viewed as being the long, drawn out episode that others had the chance of being. If it was haggling over the price for Stevan Jovetic, I could definitely see that. But Zuniga? Nah, didn't see that one coming.

And as we enter the middle part of August, Zuniga's arrival in Turin is still as uncertain as it was a month or so ago. Or that's what the press wants us to think even though Marotta has said that he has at least ended the quest to sign the 27-year-old Napoli man for now. The links to Juventus signing the Colombian fullback aren't going away. The theory is that Juve will either bring him in now or wait until his contract expires next summer and sign him on a free. While the opinions on Zuniga are basically split down the middle, his arrival would give Conte another option to utilize — to what extent would obviously depend on when the heck he'll get here.

5. Do the Luca Marrone exit rumors actually have any truth behind them?

Short answer: I have no idea.

Long answer: There's reportedly more to it. The thing that gets is why Conte has been so staunch when it comes to keeping Marrone in Turin when his playing has been almost nonexistent the at times since he returned from a very productive loan spell at Siena. If Marrone is indeed on the market, it will obviously be because Conte doesn't think he is part of the squad's plans. But, in turn, it will also leave the squad a center midfielder short until there's another brought in. Would that player be better than somebody like Marrone? I have no idea. I do know that Marrone should have a role within the squad — be it as a direct understudy to Andrea Pirlo or backing up somebody else or some other position.

Yeah, I don't know about all the talk of Marrone maybe leaving the club — on a loan, co-ownership, or something a little more permanent. They might have some explaining to do if the "other" Turin-born centrocampista is on the way out.