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Juventus may or may not be closing in on an Angelo Ogbonna agreement with Torino

Not like we've heard this before...

Claudio Villa

It's seems as though we've been down this road before — maybe because we have. The Angelo Ogbonna-to-Juventus move has been close to being done, then off, then back on, then supposedly done, then back on again after a few meetings between Juve and city rivals Torino.

You get what I'm saying, though, right?

It's been a complicated kind of deal, one that has had a hang up because of money and the rights to the player — Ciro Immobile — going in Toro's direction. Some deals just end up being that way and trying to keep up is tough sometimes. I know I've been have trouble.

But as the calendar flipped over to Tuesday morning in Italy, word broke that there may be a final resolution to this deal that has drug on for a few more weeks than everybody thought it would. The two sides met on Monday to discuss a possible deal, with Juve and Torino reportedly reaching the long-awaited agreement for the highly-rated defender.

Or is there...? From Football Italia:

The Torino defender looked set to join the Bianconeri last week, with reports claiming that transfer was all-but through.

However, Tuttosport have insisted this morning that a meeting between Juve's sporting director Beppe Marotta and Il Toro's President Urbano Cairo ended in stalemate.

The Old Lady are offering €10m plus 50 per cent of Ciro Immobile, or €13m cash for the 25-year-old.

Torino though, are looking for €18m.

This is confusing.

Some media outlets in Italy the deal is just about done, some say it's hit yet another snag. It's almost like the want to keep us deliberately glued to our respective computer screens until something actually happens. I don't know. That might just be a guess on my part. But the way this whole thing has gone the past couple of weeks and with Marotta digging his feet in on a price for Ogbonna, it's no surprise it's been stretched out this long.

But the genuine consensus is pointing towards a deal getting done soon. Then again, we've heard that before, too.