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Juventus announce 30-player squad for United States tour

Dino Panato

With ritiro in Châtillon and the ultra-exciting Trofeo TIM matches against Milan and Sassuolo now behind Juventus, it's officially time to get down to business. The first major piece in that is the trip to the United States for the Guinness International Champions Cup, which begins July 31st in San Francisco against Everton.

From, the 30 men who will be traveling to the States to hopefully pick up a few wins along the way are as follows:

Antonio Conte has selected a 30-man party for this year's US tour. Simone Pepe is to remain behind in Vinovo as he pushes on with his recovery programme.

Here is the full list:

1 Buffon
3 Chiellini
4 Caceres
5 Ogbonna
6 Pogba (will join the team on Tuesday, July 30th)
8 Marchisio
9 Vucinic
10 Tevez
11 De Ceglie
12 Giovinco
13 Peluso
14 Llorente
15 Barzagli
16 Motta
17 Marrone
18 Rossi
19 Bonucci
20 Padoin
21 Pirlo
22 Asamoah
23 Vidal
26 Lichtsteiner
27 Quagliarella
30 Storari
32 Matri
33 Isla
34 Rubinho
41 Buchel
43 Untersee
50 Citti

As noted above, midfielder Paul Pogba is the lone first-team member to have not joined up with the squad after doing some kind of international duty this summer. Pogba, who will probably show up with a really cool haircut, is still on vacation after being a complete badass at the Under-20 World Cup and winning the tournament's top player award.

Also of note is the final three names on the call-up list — defender Joel Untersee, midfielder Marcel Buchel, and goalkeeper Leonardo Citti — are the lone primavera players who have been brought with the senior squad to the States. It'll be interesting to see how Conte uses them — if at all — during the eight days stateside.

And seeing as I will be in attendance for next Wednesday's game against Everton at AT&T Park in San Francisco, there will be plenty of other posts to come about