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Trofeo TIM Game Time Thread: Juventus vs. Milan, Juventus vs. Sassuolo

Actual players competing in an actual game...sort of.

Claudio Villa

Yes, Juventus have had a preseason friendly already, a game where we've seen all three summer signings make their "debuts" in black and white. But that was against a team that Juventus were going to crush from the beginning andtherefore the 7-0 result wasn't all that surprise. Kinda a lotta expected. Not exactly all that much to write home about.

Tonight, Juve get a challenge — kinda. The Trofeo TIM is the first tournament of the season. But is it really a tournament when it's only 45-minute matches and really doesn't mean much at all? I guess that's a different matter for a different time of day.

Either way, Juventus will be facing Milan and Sassuolo in just a short while. Much like their bianconeri rivals, Milan will be missing some of their most important players because of the oh-so-wonderful Confederations Cup. So if you were wondering whether Super Mario would debut some new, unforeseen hairstyle, then I guess you're just out of luck.

Still, it's another step in the process of preparing for the upcoming season. As much as it may be a total inconvenience in the grand scheme of things, Antonio Conte will be using this as a And hey, look on the bright side — at least we don't have to look at Inter colors for a couple hours, right? And we get to see these guys again, too!

Told you it wasn't thaaaaaat bad.

We'll see how right on the predicted starting XI is when lineups for both of Juventus' games become available. And for the sake of everybody's sanity, don't you dare hurt anybody, people. Let's just get out of this "tournament" safe and sound and get ready for the tour in the United States.